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Shopping for gifts for any occassion can be difficult and even stressful. Whether it's for your wedding party, a baby shower, a house warming or even a special thank you. Custom gifts from Jilly P can stand out, making ordinary presents more thoughtful and one-of-a-kind. When you personally customize each present you can be sure that you're creating a unique gift that will be remembered. Show that you took the extra time and thought to make your gifts meaningful.


Give a warm, bright touch to your special someone custom candles that feature names, initials, or personal messages.


Personalized bookends can be the perfect special touch to your own shelves, or a wonderful customized gift for the bookish person in your life.


A great gift idea - perfect for yourself or a house warming.


Welcome your baby into the world with a soft and snuggly blanket personalized with their name, monogram and more.

Jilly P Invitations & Gifts is the ultimate source for custom invitations and gifts for every occasion. One on one customer service, attention to detail and unique custom monogrammed gift choices you will love!!

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